Romi Garduce reaches summit of Mt.Elbrus

Congratulations to Romi Garduce.

Just received a text :

"Elbrus Summit 11:02 am Local time Ag 27.4 of 7 summits hayy!
Ang sama ng weather!"

He left several weeks ago to climb Elbrus. Second attempt niya ito several years ago he attempted to climb this but failed due to bad weather. Congratulations to Garduce! 3 more to go hehehehehehe.

Message from Neville.

Wild Triathlon (UPLB)

Ang alam ko lang andyan si Pen :)

UPM Applicant's Party 2007

Hehe Pinoy (P)Usher aka Mike 3k and Kat

Black Eyed Peas! Galing ng porma ni Kerwin

Bagay na bagay kay Shemps :)

*Photos by Jom Daclan (UPM 93)


24-hr Mountain Bike Race MUNTINLUPA

Congrats sa lahat ng teams na sumali sa maka-laylay-dilang
24-hour mountain bike race ni Thumbie.

Well-represented ang UP Mountaineers sa event,
17 solo and team participants (combined):

Dip Unson '04
Rolly Peoro '04
Dennis Lopez '04

Daniel Quinto
TJ Isla
Brian Tisoy

Sherjo Evangelista '06
Mark Roland Calunsod '06
Cavsonbic Austria '06

4. DRIFT 1
Jaja Arcega '06
Jerry De Claro '04
Edward Sampelo

5. FIREFLIES (Boy and friends)
Boy Siojo
Ricky Pineda
Eric Reyes

Jeff Del Rosario '97
Kerwin Nicolas '94
Ria Luisa Concepcion '06

Dadi Nepomuceno '04
Pen Nepomuceno '03
Danny Dematera '93

Bernice Varona '05
Camille Aragona
Ferchel Santos '05

9. DRIFT 2
Bobong Delos Angeles '06
Erwin Nava '06
Glenelle Tanaya

Kiko Santos '02
Marko Samson '02
Ross Arayata '02

Ina Ocampo '00
Sally Cabral '04

13. AL VIADO '01

Check out the pics here : 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race


Guess who's climbing again?

UPM Training Climb 1B

Densho's Album
Mark's Album
Michelle's Album
Choy's Album

Wild Thing Romeo Lee is back, tara akyat tayo!


UPM videos in YouTube

Leche, nakaka-miss umakyat


UPM ENCOM : Green is Good

Last June 23, 2007, UPM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among DENR, MWSS, Norzagaray LGU and Manila Water fro the rehabilitation of kaingin-destroyed land areas at the Ipo Dam Watershed. For this major reforestation project, UPM will be carrying the slogan, "Green is Good"

For more info visit our ENCOM site here.


How to do a 100KM run

Photos by Nards Coll. More images here.

Briefing in the UPM Tambayan by Boy Siojo

The runners

Crossing Katipunan

Planning the next move

Beth and Olive crossing the flyover

Stretch muna

Support Crew - Henry Nakpil and Romy Garduce (alam ko kung bakit sila naka-smile, natatawa siguro kasi alam nila nahirapan na si neville hehe

Danny and Neville finish the Milo marathon, di pa tapos hehe

Olive crossing the 100km mark

Neville after 100km, kaya pa to hehe


Summary Report by Romy Garduce.

Ultra-marathon started at 07.27 (Jul21) and our first runner completed 100KM on Jul22 1.38pm.

(our last runner completed the run at 2.14pm)

Our new benchmark: 100KM in 18h 11min.

Run Times

3 Runners completed 100km distance: Neville (18:11),
Danny (18.16), Beth (18.44)
Olive is short of 1.5km, and hence completed 98.5km
(In our eyes this is still 100KM!)

While Coach Kiko and Chichi run an
ultra-marathon distances of ~58km and ~81km resp.)

100km run (Time*)

Neville : 1:38pm
Danny : 1:43pm
Olive* : 1:47pm
Beth : 2:11pm

Sent via sms.

*98.5 kms

100km run for KYTHE

Message below from Boy Siojo.
Congrats sa lahat ng tumakbo at sumuporta sa event.

Mabuhay UP Mountaineers, 100km swim naman hehehe.


Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat na tumulong sa takbo na ito.

Shy ako kaya hindi ako makapag salita sa mic kahapon during
lunch kaya dito ko na gagawin. At ngayong umaga ko lang m
agagawa kasi pagdating ko sa bahay kahapon eh na zonk na ako.

Please forward this to all that were involved as I do not
have all their email addresses.

Also please do not take it personally if I don't
remember your names, medyo makakalimutin na ako, its true!
You can ask my wife and sons...hmmm nasaan na nga ba ako.

We all didn't have to do this but we all did anyway...
ako I had to do it kasi tumatakbo asawa ko, kung di ko
ginawa ito baka habulin ako ng walis at mas malayo pa sa
100km ang matakbo ko!!!!! hehehe (honey loko lang!!!)

To all the UPM members who joined the support team.
Our heartfelt thanks to you.

1. Thank you to all those who brought their own cars,
drove through the night, spent their own money for the
gas and the supplies, leapfrogging the route just so that when
we arrived at certain points refreshments were at the ready.

There were cold/iced orange and melon slices, cold water,
rush, gatorade etc..., to refresh the runners and the bike team.
Most of all thank you for all the encouragements that you gave!

2. The Bike team. My hats off to you. Hindi rin tayo natulog from
start to finish. Maraming salamat for for your committment in
gurading and taking care of your assigned runner.
Mahirap talagang magbisikleta ng mabal at magabot ng tubig,
gatorade, pagkain at kung ano-ano pa sa mga runners,
all the while keeping your balance and not running into our runners.

At lalo ng mahirap tumayo sa isang intersection at humarang sa
mga kotse habang binubusinahan at minumura ka para lang hindi
maabala ang pace ng ating mga runners..

Maraming salamat kay Winston na kahit masama ang pakiramdam
eh sumama pa din. He had to peel off around 8am at the Makati
area as he was beginning to feel worse.

3. To the guys at th backroom, maraming salamat.
Unknown to most of you we had a lot of help from Ninoy,
Bunny and Ed Garcia of Waypoints.ph.

I was feeding Bunny the map coordinates of certain points
throughout the night and he was plotting our course all the way.
We were constatntly asking Bunny for advise specially for the
route changes. Lalo na when we slipped th Que Ave to
Oblation-Visayas-Mindanao portion of the run.

Bunny was instrumental in plotting and suggestin new routes
para siguradong maka 100kms ang runners.

Ninoy on the other hand kept the people at home informed
of the current location ng runners.

4. Maraming maraming salamat sa mga non-UPM
members who helped.

The medical Team:

Doc Dan RedoƱa for agreeing to be our medical doctor
throughout the trip. He came all the way from Clark in Pampanga
just to help out and he was ready to address any medical situation
that may have occured.

Louie Domingo for being our Emergency First Respone personnel,
for all the medical supplies and equipment that he brought.
We had a stretcher, splints, medical O2 delivery system, and
even a defibulator on board. A defiblutaor is the one you see
in the movies when they electrocute a heart attack victim
to jumpstart his heart.

Eric Reyes he was the guy with the full face helmet
on the bike team. Eric is a trained Emergency Medical Technician
and Registred Nurse at the same time.

What most of you guys did not know is Eric is a cancer warrior.
He is curently fighting the sickness for the 3rd time in 7
years. He is currently doing his Chemo and radiation treatments
and he was in some pain during the night and early morning.

I asked him several times if he wanted to just ride in one of
the support vehicles but he refused each time because he but he
wanted to finish the event which he committed to do and because
he wanted to help, in his own small way daw, the cause of the run.

Karla Corpus, whom I recruited minutes before the
run and readily said yes!

Logistics Team:

Maite Abellanosa for helping out in purchasing, packing and
distributing the suppllies for the runners, she was with us
throughout the whole trip.

Armind Sony, who readily volunteered to drive one of
the pick-ups throughout the night.

Joel Buncalan, who prepared the lugao, noodles,
packed the ice bags, gave out the sponges etc...
for the runners Armind, Joel and Doc Dan are veteran members
support teams that I have put up in the past for
the marathons of my wife.

5. The guest Runners:

Bobe, Hector, Josaw, Tobie, Peter, Robert
(there were others whom I do not recall their names,
my apologies) thank you for running and helping bouy up
the spirits of our runners. Si Jo saw bumalik pa noong
Milo para sumama sa bike team...astig! Maraming salamat.

6. To Roel and the Northface Team, Tobie and his Team,
Bordie (videographer) Maraming salamat sa inyong
mga dalang pagkain, inumin, at higit sa lahat sa supporta.

7. Thank you also to our prayer partners who prayed
for the safety of the activity. Maraming salamat sa inyo,
although you are too many to mention eh alam na ninyo
kung sino kayo. Maraming salamat.

8. Lastly .. sa may pakana nitong gimick na ito, Romy Garduce,
Team Captain Neville Manaois and our President Henry Nakpil.
You did too many things to mention here, thank you for all the
sacrifices and time that you spent in putting this up.
Maraming salamat sa inyo.

Kung may nakalimutan akong i-mention na pangalan
eh paumanhin na lang po.

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!

To Neville, Kiko, Danny (halimaw ka talaga!!!), Chichi, Olive
and my wife Beth. CONGRATULATIONS! !!!!

p.s plano ni Romy pala mag bike sa umpisa lang, tapos ikarga
na yung bike nya sa pick-up ni Tobie at sasakay na siya doon.
Eh puno yung pick-up with supplies and people so hindi
nya nasakay bike nya! Naging bike support Team na siya
all the way hehehehe.

Si Roel Chan of Norh Face planned to run and run he
did kaya lang na dobler yung distance ng plano nya kasi
naiwanan siya ng TNF van hehehe


As of 11:54am (July 22)

Our Runners - Danny Dematera, Beth Siojo, Neville Manaois and Olive Cortez (TBI*)

TBI - To be inducted*

Astig, pero laos sila kay Lawin. He runs 100kms a day, everyday hehe.

As of 11:47 am (July 22)

We have 4 runners on the go, last 8km to the finish line :)

Distance/Time report from Romy G.

7:27pm : start run
10:34pm : 22.56km
12:17 : 31.69km

This is not yet complete, last I heard they already
connected with the Milo marathon.
Mabuhay UP Mountaineers!

35Km Milo Marker

Route before Milo Marathon

Here is the finished route of our ultra marathoners before joining the Milo Marathon.They have covered an estimated distance of 54.5km!

Nearing 42km distance

Having covered almost 40kms., the runners now pass McDonald's Quezon Avenue en route to Quirino Grandstand where they will join the Milo Marathon. 10kms. to go and our ultra marathoners are already halfway there.

0035hrs Covered route

As of now, the runners are somewhere in EDSA Santolan heading towards Araneta Center in Cubao. They have covered an estimated distance of 32.5Km.


The runners

Our runners taken from a celphone camera....pang blair witch. hehehhee

As of 20.27hr

Run For Your Life (100km Run for a Cause)

Start: UP Mountaineers Tambayan, UP Campus,Diliman
Time: 1900hrs

Here is the tentative route of the run. the team is still fixing it.

Tambayan - Santolan cor Katips (via AS likod, Pres. House, CP Garcia, Katip)
Santolan - Libis/Jollibee (via White Plains, Green Meadows/Christ the King)
Libis - Fort Access Road (via C5)
Fort Bonifacio - EDSA cor Ayala
EDSA - Guadalupe
Guadalupe - EDSA cor Q. Ave
Q. Ave - UP Oblation
Acad Oval
Oblation - Circle/Commonwealth
Circle - EDSA/Q. Ave. (via Visayas/Mindanao/North. Ave/Agham)
Q. Ave - Quirino Grandstand
Connect to Milo Marathon

Run For Your Life (100KM run for a cause)

More on this 100km run here :